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07 Feb 2022

How-to connect Serial console using distros Linux with putty

You gonna need a client software. The more simple is putty, you can also install in linux too

Just install in your system using apt install putty

To see what is the console port, you need to use dmesg command in the terminal after connect cable in your PC, to see what are last connect in your PC

The dmesg output:

If you not seeing like image above, make sure you have the driver from manufacturer device

Note: The type of cable deppends of the device you want to connect, if you unknow this, see the man page of the device or check this types of console ports: PCI, USB, Db9, MD9

When open putty, you need to configure the speed and serial port of device (like example bellow), then open.

That’s all!

If you liked or help, leave in the comments bellow! Tks! 😉