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29 Nov 2021

How to edit or open MS Access .mdb in linux

The .mdb extension is a proprietary file format, developed and used by Microsoft as a native format for its Microsoft Access desktop database management system. For open or edit this in Linux systems we dont need do complex stuffs, you will see in this article how to.


The application we gonna use is the dbeaver , the universal database tool. To install, follow the commands below to install in your Linux Desktop using Flatpak or APT:

Flatpak: flatpak install io.dbeaver.DBeaverCommunity

APT: apt install dbeaver-ce

How to open .mdb files

Select ¹"All" and ²search for “ms access” and ³select according bellow

And ¹select your .mdb file and ²"Finish"

When load the file, ¹expand your file and we need to ²download some required drivers database for open properly:

Downloading stuffs…

When finished, ¹double click in a table and see the datas in ²Data, and thats is 👏👏👏👏👏👏

That’s all!

If you liked or help, leave in the comments bellow! Tks! 😉