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17 Jan 2022

How-to upgrade 3CX V16 + Debian 9 with command line

This article will show how to upgrade the 3CX installed linux in Debian 9 amd64.

Make a backup

Make a backup of the configurations using the Web console of 3CX, save properly local and be prepare to use if the updating no work well.

Check the space in the storage of the install

As part of upgrade process, the system store the old database files and configs to upload in the new version (of the database). So, you need to have the double space for work properly.

For example, in your 3CX install are using 10 gb, make sure you have more 10 gb in the disk of the install.

Update the packages of Debian 9

Before start the upgrade process, its recommend upgrade the packages of Debian 9 to ensure not gonna happen problem with package compatibility:

apt update && apt upgrade -y (as root)

Command to upgrade 3CX + Debian 9

With the steps above completed and check, type the command bellow to start the script of the upgrade:

3CXUpgradeDebian9 (as root)

When starts wait and be monitor the terminal cli to see if all be well. In the end, the system will be running with v18 and Debian 10. The time of this process depends of the size of your 3CX System configurations, how much extensions etc. For litlle installs, take about 15 to 30 minutes.

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