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24 Jan 2022

How-to restore 3CX backup after a system fail

This article is for command line way (option 2 of the wizard install of 3CX) to restore e get up your system again.

Upload the 3CX backup to the Server

  • With the server running Windows 10, 2016/2019 or Debian 10 (3CX v18) as the SO, upload the backup file (.zip) of your 3CX system. For Debian, use clients like: SFTP, Filezilla using ftp to upload the backup file.

  • Make sure after the upload, to put the backup file in folder with full access (like Home or User folder)

  • Take a note of the full path, like example:

    – Windows: C:\Users\Telephony\Downloads\3CXScheduledBackup.zip

    – Debian: /home/username/3CXScheduledBackup.zip

Install the 3CX in the Server and start backup restore

  • For Debian 10 install, i recommend use this guide

  • For Windows install, check the 3CX Customer Portal to download exe file.  

When Wizard of 3CX starts, choose the option 2 (from command line):

In the next step, choose the restore backup option and paste the FULL path of the backup file of 3CX.

Then, confirm with enter and just wait for complete the restore.


If you have any questions or if I help you, leave in the comments below. Tks! 😉